Welcome to the future of Visual Field testing

  • No Need For Dedicated Dark Room
  • No Need To Patch The Fellow Eye
  • No Need For Trial Lenses
  • Measure Any Patient Anywhere
  • Proven Accuracy                                                          Download   Independent Study 

  • Increase Your Office Revenue

  Unique features of the PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Perimeter

  1. Fast measurements
  2. 120 degrees Field of view testing (+/- 60 degrees)
  3. Full Threshold tests

    Central 10-2

    Central 24-1

    Central 24-2

    Central 30-1

    Central 30-2

  4. Screening tests
  5. Armally Central
  6. Central 40 points
  7. 76 point pattern
  8. Central 80 points
  9. Central 166 points
  10. Esterman Binocular test
  11. Ptosis tests
  12. Neurological tests
  13. Neuro 120 point test
  14. Automatic statistical trend analysis to assess the progression of defects
  15. Goldmann-Hemifield test (GHT) analysis
  16. Patient database and archiving
  17. Fixation light with optional Gaze Tracking
  18. Adjustable stimulus and background-color
  19. Built-in patient training
  20. Adjustable test speeds
  21. 6 Presets per user for your favorite configurations
  22. WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity
  23. PDF Print & EMR export
  24. Immediate access to captured reports through our secure web portal
  25. Bluetooth Clicker



     The following are some of the many benefits                                           of using                                              the world’s first Virtual Reality Visual Field system:


  1. Highly sensitive, reliable and reproducible results
  2. Can be used in practically any settings
  3. Can be used for pediatric patients
  4. Can be used for disabled patients
  5. Increase your revenue by screening patients at Nursing Homes
  6. Patient Comfort – can be used with the patient in any position/orientation
  7. Fast measurement times
  8. Immediate access to patient reports through our secure web portal


                    Affordable System Includes the following :

  • PalmScan VF2000 Virtual Reality Goggles

  • Android Tablet used as Device Controller

  • Clicker for patient use

  • Charger for the VR system

  • Charger for Controller tablet and Clicker

  • Pack of 100 Sanitary face-guards

  • Carry Case

  • With each system order, an account will be set up for your office on our secure website (portal.micromedinc.com) with an admin account for you through which you can set up other staff accounts.